Flood In Henan, China. NEARians Call for Action


  • Record breaking rainfall has caused flooding currently affecting 9.3 million people in Henan province of China.
  • Donate $NEAR to china_charity_dao.sputnikdao.near to benefit those who have been relocated and the families of those who have died or gone missing.
  • Artist can support by offering NFT charity sale on “China Charity DAO” Mintbase store
  • Collectors can buy art on the “China Charity DAO” Mintbase store where 80% of sales will be donated to the cause.

Flood in China:
Since 17 July 2021, China’s Henan province has been affected by severe flooding, caused by a period of prolonged heavy rainfall. Record-breaking maximum rainfall of 201.9 millimeters (7.95 in) in an hour was observed in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. 19 weather stations in the province renewed their daily rainfall records. As of 29 July 2021, at least 99 people have died, at least 5 went missing, 815,000 people were evacuated, 1.1 million were relocated, and 9.3 million people were affected.

Blockchain for Charity:
NEAR offers the technology to gather communities’ energies and resources to pursue the same goal. DAO(decentralised autonomous organisation)allows autonomous allocation of community funds. With Sputnik DAO this is made easier as it allows new and existing communities to have an on-chain representation of their organization, “China Charity DAO” is one Founded for this Special purpose. These are fundamental characteristics that will ease the process of management and fund allocation of community actions and make it sustainable through fair rewards and ownership.

Call for NEAR Artists:

Artists can Mint on Mintbase “China Charity DAO” Store for Charity Art Sale,80% of the profit goes to China Charity Dao: china_charity_dao.sputnikdao.near

Collectors can buy art on the “China Charity DAO” Mintbase store, with the Spilt revenue baked on smart contract NEP-171, 80% of sales will be autonomous donated to Henan, China.

Call for NEAR Communities:

People of NEAR, let unite to support our fellow China NEARians against the Flood. NEAR community should come together in the spirit of unity to face challenges using technology like Sputnik, and Split revenue on Mintbase.

NEARians Let’s Use Sputnik DAO Support for Henan, China! — SputnikDAO 2

For Donation, please send your $NEAR to: china_charity_dao.sputnikdao.near

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